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The Laws of Wisdom

Shine Your Diamond Within

The Laws of Wisdom guides you along the path on how to acquire wisdom, so that you can break through any wall you are or will confront in your life or in your business. By reading this book, you will be able to avoid getting lost in the flood of information and, going beyond the level of just amassing knowledge, be able to come up with many great ideas, make effective planning and strategy and develop your leadership while receiving good inspiration.

Let's all break through walls, open up a path and create a bright future!

Contents included in The Laws of Wisdom:

  • Ways to transform information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom
  • Requirements to receive good inspiration
  • Art of working to produce intellectual output and the secrets to create new added values
  • Setting aside 90 minutes a day for your intellectual pursuit
  • Gain a new perspective by becoming proficient in a foreign language
  • The power of mind that defeats negative thinking
  • Your academic background gives you no advantage after ten years of working in society
  • A leader is someone who knows what he or she must do
  • Two conditions to motivate people and expand your business