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The Spiritual Truth About Curses and Spells

How to Get Out of an Unhappy Life

Curses may be the reason for your unhappiness. Curses are nothing special but something that occurs in daily life; this is the Spiritual Truth. Our feelings of jealousy and anger can be transmitted as thoughts of curses and cause harm to others, or they can be repelled back and bring misfortune to the person who gave the curse. This is a unique book like no other; it tells you the method to protect yourself from such curses and stop the cursing that brings unhappiness to yourself and others.

General Talk:

  • Curses can bring physical disorder to your body
  • How to keep away from other people's jealousy
  • Adjusting your jealous mind in the competitive society
  • The importance of Shakyamuni Buddha's teaching of egolessness
  • How to not become lost spirits and return to heaven, etc.
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E57: The Spiritual Truth about Curses and Spells

The Spiritual Truth about Curses and Spells

What comes to mind when you think of being cursed? For many, it entails dark rituals, sinister occultists, and sensationalized images inspired by the horror movies that have become commonplace in recent decades. What if we told you that, far from being strictly the domain of…