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The Turning Point for the U.K. and Iran

Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirits of Johnson, Rouhani, Khamenei and Trump

A record of exclusive interviews with the guardian spirits of the British prime minister, Iranian president, Iranian supreme leader, and the American president, conducted via religious journalism. A guardian spirit is a part of what is known as the subconscious in psychology; it reveals true or hidden thoughts of the surface consciousness that it protects.

Oftentimes, the thoughts of the guardian spirit manifest as the person's words and actions at a later time. This is why spiritual interviews with guardian spirits are helpful in predicting global trends.

It is of best interest for humanity to publish the true thoughts of world leaders to inform themselves and others. This helps to realize talks, bring mutual understanding, gain cooperation, and foster world peace. We sincerely hope that this book will settle the conflict between Iran and the U.S. and bring peace to the world.