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HS Press Self-help & Happiness Words for Life

As a mini compass to lead us in the right direction, we recommend reading the Words for Life which compiles 100 easy-to-read and essential phrases. Take some time to flip through the pages and ponder the words, it will give you the power to improve yourself and your life!

Ryuho Okawa, the internationally renowned author, has written over 3,100 books on various topics, including life, religion, world affairs, business management, happiness, and so on. To help readers find the teachings that are beneficial for them out of the extensive teachings, the author has written 100 phrases and put them together in this book.

We recommend that you keep this book by your side or by your pillow. Casually flip to a page, ponder on the words of wisdom that catch your eyes, and contemplate on yourself. A simple routine like this will surely help you improve your mindset, change you into a more capable and insightful person, and lead you to live a meaningful and happy life.

I hope you'll browse the book.
in trains, buses, or before going to sleep.
meditate on the phrases and reflect on yourself."

From Afterword

Inside you will find words of wisdom that will help you in these situations:

  • When you are scolded or criticized
  • When you envy someone
  • When you are suffering from romantic relationships
  • When you are self-conscious of your appearance
  • When you want to open new doors to the future, etc
Okawa book Club

E61: Words for Life, 100 Inspirational Messages from Heaven

Meditation Workshop

This is a 3 part Mini-Seminar in which we learn a method to read the special proverbs in Words for Life. To view the next video, please subscribe.

By learning to read with your soul, we can experience the power of these phrases: How to look deep within and find our inner wisdom? What is the function of our heart? What is the core of our soul?

In Part 2, we will try to expand the the space of the mind. What does it mean to expand the space of the mind? How to become aware of ourselves? Please put it into practice and feel the expansion of the space of your heart.