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An Unshakable Mind

How to Overcome Life's Difficulties

This book will guide you to build the genuine self-confidence necessary to shape a resilient character and withstand life's turbulence.

Author Ryuho Okawa breaks down the cause of life's difficulties and provides solutions to overcome them from the spiritual viewpoint of life based on the laws of the mind. As you engage further with this book, you will discover the hidden spiritual causes behind some of life's difficulties. Finding the true causes of problems makes it easier to confront, tackle and solve them.

This practical yet very insightful book is filled with powerful words of encouragement that will resonate within your soul. Let this book be your companion through life's hardships.


  • The Iceberg of Life
  • The Principle of Accumulation
  • Confronting Distress in Life
  • Various Types of Evil Spirits
  • Confronting Evil Spirits
  • An Unshakable Mind