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An Unshakable Mind

How to Overcome Life's Difficulties

If you would like to overcome anxiety and low self-esteem, this book is for you.

An unshakable mind cannot be achieved overnight, but it is built through the process of accumulating small steps daily. In this book, the Author guides us on the journey of constructing a solid foundation within us using the analogy of an iceberg. The purpose of this book is to build a good and compassionate character based on a spiritual viewpoint of life.

There are many reasons behind anxiety, worries and distress in life, but by adopting the spiritual point of view in life and changing our perspectives, surprisingly, most difficult problems will begin to resolve.

Let the Author's step-by-step guide be a lighthouse navigating you through the dark sea.


  • The Iceberg of Life
  • The Principle of Accumulation
  • Confronting Anxiety and Distress
  • Types of Negative Spiritual Influences as the Cause of Suffering
  • Overcoming Negative Spiritual Influences
  • An Unshakable Mind

Available for pre-order; to be released on Thursday, November 30th.