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Invincible Thinking

An Essential Guide for a Lifetime of Growth, Success, and Triumph

When we encounter adversity, hardship or failure, how can we find the resilience and will to persevere? It is our mental attitude that determines whether we can realize continuous growth and joyful achievement in any circumstance.

Ryuho Okawa's philosophy of Invisible Thinking is the dynamite that lets us open a crack of possibility in a mount of difficulties; the powerful drill that lets us tunnel through the solid rock of complacency and defeatism. A mindset of incivility is your most powerful took to transform circumstance into wisdom and soul growth. Invincible Thinking will give you the all the nourishment that you will ever need to fulfill your purpose in life.

In this book, you will find:

  • Essential attitude for overcoming adversity
  • Practical lessons to balance mental and physical well-being
  • Essential principles for building wealth
  • Key attitudes that attract influential people
  • Key elements for succeeding in business
  • Leadership qualities to guide you and others to success
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