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Messages from Heaven

What Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, and Moses Would Say Today

In Messages from Heaven: What Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Muhammad Would Say Today, Ryuho Okawa reveals the spiritual communication that he had with these four divine spirits and the messages that they wish to share with society.

These spiritual messages present diverse perspectives on faith. Jesus shares messages of love, faith and forgiveness; the Buddha discusses perseverance, success and enlightenment; Moses explores the meaning of righteousness, sin and justice; Muhammad answers questions about tolerance, faith and miracles.

This book is proof of God 's great love for humanity; it proves that He embraces the different views and ideas of diverse religions. Through conversations with the four divine messengers of God, Okawa explores the universal Truths that are common to all faiths to mend religious differences. Although fundamental Truths never change, a new age requires new ways of understanding them.