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My Journey through the Spirit World

A True Account of My Experiences of the Hereafter

What happens when we die? Do Heaven and Hell exist? My Journey through the Spirit World is a detailed guide to what lies beyond our lives. Ryuho Okawa shares his travels to the hereafter and details vivid interactions with the souls who reside there, to answers questions like ...

  • What worlds exist in the afterlife?
  • What determines where we will go when we die?
  • What should we know before we decide to become an organ donor?
  • What is the purpose of the afterworld?

The spirit world, Okawa reveals, is not only our destination when we cross, but also a reality that is influencing our lives in this physical world. This guide to afterlife will awaken us to the truth of life and death, to guide our earthly aspirations, so that we may return to the magnificent world of Heaven.

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Okawa Book Club

E34: My Journey though the Spirit World: A True Account of My Experiences of the Hereafter

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