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The Challenge of Enlightenment

Now, Here, the New Dharma Wheel Turns

These comprehensive and essential Buddhist teachings that are written in an easy-to-understand way will resolve the commonly misunderstood concepts taught in modern Buddhism such as 'egolessness' and 'void', as well as the true meaning of 'the middle way', 'nirvana' and 'Buddha-nature'. These concepts of spiritual awareness are now resurrected. Ryuho Okawa's clear-cut explanations of the core Buddhist teachings are what has been anticipated among authentic seekers of Truth, so look no farther.

  • The Spirit of Buddhism
  • Freedom and Ignorance
  • The Four Noble Truths
  • What is 'Egolessness?'
  • 'Void' or 'Emptiness' and Causality
  • Karma and Reincarnation
  • Progress Through the Middle Way
  • The Two Concepts of 'Lesser Vehicle' and 'Great Vehicle'
  • What is Nirvana?
  • 'Void' or 'Emptiness' and Salvation
  • 'Egolessness' from the Perspective of the Middle Way
  • Buddha-Nature and the Attainment of Buddhahood
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Okawa book Club

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