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The Challenge of The Mind

An Essential Guide to Buddha's Teachings: Zen, Karma, and Enlightenment

Enlightenment is not an abstract concept, but a state of mind that we all can achieve through diligent and mindful practice! In this modern introduction to the essential teachings of the Buddha, Ryuho Okawa frames how to integrate wisdom and compassion to nurture harmonious living and advance spiritual awareness. Presenting the essential tenets of cause and effect, meditation, transcendental wisdom, egolessness, the middle way, the relationship between enlightenment and spiritual ability, and the nature of karma, The Challenge of the Mind is a comprehensive guide to timeless Buddhist teachings.

Learn essential Buddhist teachings of:

  • The Law of Cause and Effect - an essential perspective for understanding how the seeds you sow affect the course of your life?
  • Transcendental Wisdom - the practice of moving beyond judgments of good and evil to practice compassion
  • Egolessness - a positive state of mind that gives you inner strength to overcome pain and attachments and manifest your true self?
  • The Middle Way - a practice of avoiding suffering-causing extremes to harmonize your mind
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E20: The Challenge of the Mind: An Essential Guide to Buddha's Teachings

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The Challenge of the Mind

The wonderful thing about Master Ryuho Okawa’s books is that they are filled with timeless wisdom. Even the Laws series, which deliver teachings relevant to their year of publication, contains messages that are useful and relevant to any time and place. Today, we will revisit The Challenge… Read More