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The Laws of Faith

One World Beyond Differences

From ancient times, religion has played a big role in human history. Faith was the anchor of the mind for the individual. However due to advancing civilizations, we are now in an era where various information and values jumble, and people are losing the meaning of faith. One reason for this may be that traditional religions like Christianity and Islam cannot give a convincing answer to modern day problems such as religious intolerance and terrorist attacks, arms race, nuclear war crisis, immigrants and refugees, social welfare, and political or economic chaos.

  • Why do people of faith fight each other?
  • If there really is a God, then why do war and poverty and other misery occur?
  • Why does discrimination exist? Are we not equals?
  • Did God abandon humanity?
  • What is real justice?
  • Does God even exist?

Global Visionary, Ryuho Okawa, preaches at the core of a new universal religion from various angles while integrating logical and spiritual viewpoints in mind with current world situations.

According to Okawa, it is a misunderstanding that war happens because of religion, and says that deeper understanding for a religion leads to a solution to the problem. He even reveals characteristics and relations of various religions.

We are approaching a turning point in human history. This book offers us the key to accept diversities beyond differences in ethnicity, religion, race, gender, descent, and so on, harmonize the individuals and nations and create a world filled with peace and prosperity.

Religion & Spirituality, The Law Series
IRH Press (March 31, 2018)
ISBN 10: 1942125348
ISBN 13: 978-1942125341
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