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IRH Press Religion & SpiritualityThe Law Series The Laws of Faith

The Laws of Faith

One World Beyond Differences

Since antiquity, religion has played a pivotal role in human development. Faith is the anchor of the mind; however modern systems of thought favor logical reasoning, leaving many to stray away from spiritual progress. A likely cause of this deficit is the failure of traditional religions to provide concise answers to modern questions. Ryuho Okawa preaches at the core of a new universal religion, that aligns logical and spiritual reasoning with contemporary events and modes of thought. Learn to champion diversity and mend differences in ethnicity, religion, race and gender, to harmonize nations towards an era of peace and prosperity.

Additional themes explored in this text:

  • What breeds conflict of faith?
  • Why does God permit war and poverty?
  • Why does discrimination exist?
  • Did God abandon humanity?
  • What is God's justice?

Faith & Love can Transform the World

Published in 2018, The Laws of Faith was an important contribution made toward Ryuho Okawa’s “Laws” series of books. As the name implies, The Laws of Faith is a book that discusses the importance and dynamics of having faith in something higher than oneself. Despite the…