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The Laws of Great Enlightenment

Always Walk with Buddha

Persistent blame for past mistakes, setbacks, failures and strained episodes of reconciliation are inner pains that vibrate distress. Through the power of "Enlightenment," which Ryuho Okawa presents in a contemporary format, we can mute echoes of anguish by learning to forgive ourselves, others and harmonize our emotions through mindful practice.

Okawa teaches how to govern our minds and regain our true nature as spiritual beings. According to Okawa, through the practice of self-reflection, meditation and prayer, we can attune to the "Great Universe" to become one with the "Great Being." In this way, we can enjoy a liberated and peaceful state of mind, regardless of circumstance. Learn to balance spirituality and worldly skills to strengthen our influence to bring happiness to many.

As you progress, learn how to:

  • Use the power of forgiveness from a Buddhist perspective
  • Free your soul from constant inner turbulence with the "Power of Wisdom"
  • Discover the misinterpretation of Zen Enlightenment and the relationship between skill and attaining enlightenment
  • Master the "Laws of the Mind" throughout life

Let wisdom and compassion be your compass to always walk with the Buddha.

A Practical Path to Buddhism

Commemorating what is nearly the 40th anniversary of World Teacher Ryuho Okawa’s own enlightenment, attained on March 23, 1981, The Laws of Great Enlightenment outlines a detailed and sobering account of precisely what enlightenment is. As a word that is tossed around frequently in current times,…