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The Laws of Hell

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Okawa book Club

E63: Short Reflective Meditation on 3 Poisons of the Mind)

Okawa book Club

E62: Why We Recommend You to Read The Laws of Hell

The Laws of Hell is another form of the laws of salvation.
"Did you read this book or not?" — You will soon be asked at the entrance to another world.

From Preface

Whether you believe it or not, the Spirit World and Hell do exist. Currently, the Earth's population has exceeded 8 billion, and unfortunately, 1 in 2 people are falling to Hell.

This book is a must-read at a time like this since more and more people are unknowingly heading to Hell; the truth is, new areas of Hell are being created, such as 'internet hell' and 'hell on earth.' Also, due to the widespread materialism, there is a sharp rise in the earthbound spirits wandering around Earth because they have no clue about the Spirit World.

To stop Hell from spreading and to save the souls of all human beings, the Spiritual Master, Ryuho Okawa has compiled vital teachings in this book. This publication marks his 3,100th book and is the one and only comprehensive Truth about the modern Hell.

What is Hell really like? What kind of mindset will lead to Hell? How can you prevent yourself from going to Hell? Read this book to find out the spiritual truth of this world and discover which world awaits you.

Okawa has previously published The Nine Dimensions: Unveiling the Laws of Eternity (IRH Press 2012) which describes the structures and the characteristics of the multidimensional planes in heaven, but it is urgent that The Laws of Hell be read and understood by people now more than ever to save the Earth from its greatest crisis yet.

  1. Introduction to Hell
  2. The Laws of Hell
  3. Curses, Spells, and Possession
  4. The Fight against Devils
  5. A Message from Savior

Did you know One in Four People Are Thinking about Committing Suicide at this Moment?

One Word Can Save Someone's Life

A Real-Life Story of the Stop-the-Suicide Advisor on How You Can Help Prevent Suicide.

"I want to die…" is the phrase that Mr. Y hears most often when he picks up a phone. As an advisor at Stop-the Suicide hotline, he receives more than 2,000 calls a year from those who are seriously considering ending their lives.

Currently, there are about 30 million people who have thought about committing suicide in Japan. That is about 27% of the population, which means one in four is a potential victim of suicide.

Have you ever thought about what to say when someone, your family member or friend, tells you they want to kill themselves?

Why Do They Say They Want to Die?

"Speaking with someone who is standing at the edge of life is always a heavy task. When I first became an advisor, I was very scared to answer the phone," says Mr. Y who is a suicide prevention advisor of the Stop the Suicide hotline, a non-profit organization sponsored by Happy Science Group.

"But then, I changed my mindset." Mr. Y explains. "Instead of fearing their calls, I decided to learn from them. I told myself I should listen to not only the words but also the voices coming from within. I realized that when someone says, 'I want to die,' it was a silent cry that said, 'No one understands me.' It was actually a test to see if we can really understand the pain and difficulty they are going through."

"It's not always necessary to exchange words repeatedly. Instead, it's important to hear what their inner voices are trying to tell me." Mr. Y started to listen to each of the callers imagining that he was embracing their souls as he spoke to them. That's when the callers started saying that they were able to honestly share their true feelings with someone for the first time.

"Are they Really Your Own Thoughts?"

When Mr. Y talks to the people who want to commit suicide, a question that takes them completely by surprise is "Are they really your thoughts?" Then, Mr. Y explains to them. "From a spiritual perspective, in almost all cases when someone wants to commit suicide, they are possessed by stray spirits who had themselves killed themselves." The callers get startled by his words, but then, they say that although they have never thought about it that way, but it may actually be the case. Mr. Y then tells them why they shouldn't commit suicide. "Human beings have eternal souls. If you kill yourself in the midst of suffering, the suffering will continue even after your death."

Giving Advice Takes the Power of Enlightenment

"At other suicide preventions services, advisors are usually trained to listen attentively, but they are usually told not to give advice to the callers. But based on my personal experience, we cannot save people's lives just by listening attentively." Mr. Y explains. "My ideal counselor would be Shakyamuni Buddha. Buddha had the power of enlightenment to see through the history of someone's soul, that is their past, present, and future lives, based on the Laws of Cause and Effect. Buddha explained the cause of their current suffering and the solution to solve their problems. Buddha understood the nature of each person's soul and gave provided advices to everyone in a way that's most suited to them. In order to truly save someone's soul, we need the power of enlightenment."

Knowing that We Have Eternal Life Will Help Find Purpose of Life

Mr. Y argues that the power of enlightenment is crucial to help prevent suicide. People think about killing themselves for many reasons, be it terminal cancer, debt, or family discord. Whatever the issue may be, they fall into despair thinking that they will never be able to solve the problem. They think that they can end the suffering if they die. To them, the phrase, "Don't die" will not reach their hearts. They need the reasons to continue living through the pain and suffering. That's why Mr. Y tells them the spiritual truth that we human beings have eternal souls and that life doesn't end at the time of death. Buddhism teaches us how we should polish our souls from the perspectives of our past, present, and future lives. It is by knowing that we have eternal life that we can find the true meaning and purpose of why we need to continue living.

The Laws of Hell is the Book to Save Many Souls

There are many people who are calling Happy Science's Stop-the-Suicide hotline. Those are the people who couldn't solve their problems by calling other services. There are even people saying, "This call is the last call before I commit suicide. I am going to kill myself now."

After receiving more than 2,000 calls a year, Mr. is convinced that having knowledge about the afterlife is a must.

Currently, there are 300,000 people who commit suicide in Japan and since the beginning of 2023, there have been an average of about 67 suicide deaths per day in the United States (ref: Wikipedia). Stop-the-Suicide hotline was created to stop those people from killing themselves.

The Laws of Hell tells us the importance of saving the mind and heart of each person, one by one. By sharing the knowledge about the other world or Spiritual Truth, we can save our loved ones.

Lost souls or ghosts are roaming on the earth only because they don't know the existence of the other world. In order to save these souls, we recommend you read The Laws of Hell.

The Laws of Hell

Whether you believe it or not, Hell does exist. What differentiates Heaven and Hell are the good and evil thoughts within our mind. This is a book of salvation, providing critical Truth about how to identify hell in our everyday life and the countermeasures that will help us to overcome it.

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If you would like to learn more about Buddha's teachings, we recommend you read The Essence of Buddha and The Challenge of Enlightenment.

The Essence of Buddha

Shakyamuni Buddha's original teachings of mind, offered with unparalleled clarity.

The Challenge of Enlightenment

Learn more about the poisons of our minds and how to overcome them.

Watch "Sujin's Regret"

Stop-the-Suicide Video Watched More Than 400,000 Times around the World.

By sharing the knowledge about the other world or Spiritual Truth, you can save your loved ones.