The Laws of Hell

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The Laws of Hell is another form of the laws of salvation.
"Did you read this book or not?" — You will soon be asked at the entrance to another world.

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Whether you believe it or not, the Spirit World and Hell do exist. Currently, the Earth's population has exceeded 8 billion, and unfortunately, 1 in 2 people are falling to Hell.

This book is a must-read at a time like this since more and more people are unknowingly heading to Hell; the truth is, new areas of Hell are being created, such as 'internet hell' and 'hell on earth.' Also, due to the widespread materialism, there is a sharp rise in the earthbound spirits wandering around Earth because they have no clue about the Spirit World.

To stop Hell from spreading and to save the souls of all human beings, the Spiritual Master, Ryuho Okawa has compiled vital teachings in this book. This publication marks his 3,100th book and is the one and only comprehensive Truth about the modern Hell.

What is Hell really like? What kind of mindset will lead to Hell? How can you prevent yourself from going to Hell?

Read this book to find out the spiritual truth of this world and discover which world awaits you.

Okawa has previously published The Nine Dimensions: Unveiling the Laws of Eternity (IRH Press 2012) which describes the structures and the characteristics of the multidimensional planes in heaven, but it is urgent that The Laws of Hell be read and understood by people now more than ever to save the Earth from its greatest crisis yet.

  1. Introduction to Hell
  2. The Laws of Hell
  3. Curses, Spells, and Possession
  4. The Fight against Devils
  5. A Message from Savior

The Laws of Hell

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