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The Laws of Hope

The Light is Here

The Laws of Hope: The Light is Here provides ways to bring light and hope to ourselves through our own efforts, even in the midst of sufferings and adversities. Inspired by a wish to bring happiness, success, and hope to humanity, Okawa shows us how to look at and think about our lives and circumstances. He says that hopes come true when we have the right mindset inside us. When we feel depressed, happiness cannot be easily gained by competing with others, but there is limitless potential for growth when we are in competition with ourselves. Sometimes, we should also praise ourselves more.

The Laws of Hope describes not just worldly ways to make your hopes come true, but also an inner, spiritual kind of success. It is the kind of success that does not come from only sacrificing yourself for others' sake or the reverse. It leads to everyone's happiness. It also leads you to become an invincible, reliable leader with a bird's-eye view of long-term victory and a heart that thinks of others. By making these kinds of efforts in your current circumstances, you can fulfill your mission to shed light on yourself and those around you.

In this book you will learn:

  • What kind of mindsets are necessary to achieve your dreams and hopes?
  • How can we overcome a negative self-image and depression?
  • What are "The Laws of Success" that are not taught in contemporary education?
  • What is the meaning and mission of our lives in this world?

The Laws of Hope

The Laws of Hope: The Light is Here is the latest title by World Teacher and Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa. This book is by no means just a regular self-help title; it is equipped with the power to ignite the flames of the inner candle…