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The Laws of Steel

Living a Life of Resilience, Confidence and Prosperity

The Laws of Steel: Living a Life of Resilience, Confidence and Prosperity is the 26th volume of Ryuho Okawa's internationally lauded "Laws" series. In this context "steel" refers to our true strength as children of God, as we all possess the power to manifest happiness and prosperity.

Comprised of six lectures given by Ryuho Okawa in 2018 and 2019, each offer a passionate message to inspire readers towards success. The text commences with a message of prosperity, where Okawa frames that happiness and success are inherent in all of us, and that we simply need change our mindset to access.

Chapter 2 introduces the Law of Cause and Effect, the core principle of success. Okawa teaches that to be truly successful, we need to understand the nature of causality and humbly accept the outcome of our thoughts and actions.

In Chapter 3, Okawa discusses the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and how to thrive in a society where science and technology advance exponentially. In this revolutionary age, Okawa encourages that we seek "inspiration-able work" - divinely inspired actions meant to temper our spirit to evolving challenges.

Chapter 4 relays Okawa's personal experience of success through self-confidence, exemplifying passion and cultivating a heart of gratitude. In addition, Okawa delves into gripping socio-political issues related to North Korea, China, Iran and Israel, and offers concrete suggestions to mend divergent cultural and religious perspectives.

In Chapter 5, Okawa candidly expresses his mission as a savior and calls to society to preserve a spiritual identity through wisdom and enlightenment. The text concludes with a revelation of the power of miracles, with vivid examples of divine intercession experienced by followers of Happy Science, an international religious organization founded by Okawa in 1986. In a religious context, Okawa emphasizes the importance of preserving a pure mind, giving love to others and daily recitation of prayers and mindful contemplation.

With millions learning and applying the inspirational teachings of Ryuho Okawa, a new societal framework emerges based on spiritual Truth and respect for God's masterful intentions.

The Law Series, Religion & Spirituality
IRH Press (March 15, 2020)
ISBN 10: 1942125658
ISBN 13: 978-1942125655
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