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The New Resurrection

My Miraculous Story of Overcoming Illness and Death

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I believe my income tax at the time used to be about two to three hundred million dollars yen.

An autobiographical account of an astonishing miracle experienced by author Ryuho Okawa in 2004. This event was adapted into the feature-length film Immortal Hero, released in Japan, the United States and Canada during the Fall of 2019.

On May 14, 2004, at the age of 47, Okawa experienced painful compression in his chest and reticently stalled medical intervention until the following day. At a distinguished Tokyo hospital, attending physicians marveled at his state, declaring that Okawa should have died from such an acute episode of cardiac arrest; half of his heart had stopped. Despite the pessimism and concerns from a team of respected physicians, Okawa had miraculously willed his heart to heal - reviving from clinical death.

As you experience Okawa's remarkable story, take heed that manifestations of faith can occur, once we gain a profound understanding of:

  • The miraculous power that transcends medical science
  • The great power that resides within
  • The connection between the mind, health and illness
  • The significance of living by the motto, Today is my whole life!
  • Our mission and purpose

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IRH Press (February 26, 2020)
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Immortal Hero

Based on a true story of a man whose near death experience inspires him to choose life and change the lives of millions.

The theatrical film, Immortal Hero, is a dramatic account of how Ryuho Okawa, teacher, healer, best-selling international author and visionary spiritual leader of the budding Happy Science religious movement, came to recognize his miraculous abilities and the obligation they carry to share the truth with the world.