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The Power of Basics

Introduction to Modern Zen Life of Calm, Spirituality and Success

The Power of Basics: Introduction to a Modern Zen Life of Calm, Spirituality and Success presents a roadmap to success that marries spiritual discipline with cross-functional problem solving. "Basics" refers to tasks (or responsibilities) that are overlooked due to mundane or deferrable value, inadvertency leading to gaps and deficiencies. Ryuho Okawa posits that individuals who actively pursue spiritual development possess a bifold diligence and mental resolve to add exceptional value to their area of study or professional focus. Okawa advocates the importance of cultivating a mental attitude dedicated to basics and to confidently endeavor tasks to achieve new levels of productivity. This mental attitude of "dedication to basics," or "Bonji-Tettei (凡事徹底)," is the Japanese golden rule of success and a spiritual thrust towards enlightenment.

The Power of Basics will rekindle your passion and motivation to meet goals and reach unprecedented milestones. By adopting this powerful spiritual concept, you can scale to new heights of success and happiness through the mastery of basics.

The Power of Basics

World Teacher and Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa has released a new publication, The Power of Basics: Introduction to the Modern Zen Life of Calm, Spirituality and Success. This timely publication explores the principles of Zen Buddhism in a manner that can be applied to contemporary…