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The Rebirth of Buddha

My Eternal Disciples, Hear My Words

These are the messages of Buddha who has returned to this modern age as promised to His eternal beloved disciples. They are in simple words and poetic style, yet contain profound messages. Once you start reading these passages, your soul will be replenished as the plant absorbs the water, and you will remember why you chose this era to be born into with Buddha. Listen to the voices of your Eternal Master and awaken to your calling.

  • Now, here, I Have Returned
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Do Not Be Foolish
  • Politics and Economics
  • Patience and Success
  • What is Reincarnation?
  • Faith and the Building of Buddha Land
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E54: The Rebirth of Buddha

The Rebirth of Buddha

The teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, given to humanity approximately 2,500 years ago, are akin to an infinite ocean of wisdom. However, despite the timeless Truth that is inherent to Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings, they were nonetheless gifted to humanity at a different time and accordingly were suited…