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The Royal Road of Life

Beginning Your Path of Inner Peace, Virtue, and a Life of Purpose

With over thirty years of lectures and teachings spanning diverse topics of faith, self-growth, leadership (and more), author Ryuho Okawa presents the profound Eastern wisdom that he has cultivated on his approach to life. The Royal Road of Life illuminates a path to becoming a person of virtue, whose character and depth will move and inspire others towards the same meaningful destination.

In these pages, Okawa frames a way of life to master the mind through developing character, chiseled by dignity, wisdom and morality, while keeping a perspective of spirituality. On this path towards perfection, we will experience lasting and meaningful joy through self-development, says Okawa.

Let this book be your guide to attainable success and happiness (that is not limited to this existence alone). Learn to cultivate a way of life that will radiate joy and inspire friends, family and colleagues to experience this magnificent journey.

Discover Okawa's guideposts for purposeful living:

  • Cultivate unwavering inner peace
  • Build inner virtues such as wisdom, trustworthiness and courage
  • Master the use of time to enhance and maximize results
  • Advice to rebuild your life after failure, setback or adversity

Self Growth, Religion & Spirituality
IRH Press (January 15, 2020)
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ISBN 13: 978-1942125532
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