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The Royal Road of Life

Beginning Your Path of Inner Peace, Virtue, and a Life of Purpose

With over thirty years of lectures and teachings spanning diverse topics of faith, self-growth, leadership (and more), author Ryuho Okawa presents the profound Eastern wisdom that he has cultivated on his approach to life. The Royal Road of Life illuminates a path to becoming a person of virtue, whose character and depth will move and inspire others towards the same meaningful destination.

In these pages, Okawa frames a way of life to master the mind through developing character, chiseled by dignity, wisdom and morality, while keeping a perspective of spirituality. On this path towards perfection, we will experience lasting and meaningful joy through self-development, says Okawa.

Let this book be your guide to attainable success and happiness (that is not limited to this existence alone). Learn to cultivate a way of life that will radiate joy and inspire friends, family and colleagues to experience this magnificent journey.

Discover Okawa's guideposts for purposeful living:

  • Cultivate unwavering inner peace
  • Build inner virtues such as wisdom, trustworthiness and courage
  • Master the use of time to enhance and maximize results
  • Advice to rebuild your life after failure, setback or adversity

Wisdom for Leaders in the World Today

One of the newest publications from Ryuho Okawa, World Teacher and Founder of Happy Science Group is The Royal Road of Life. Okawa initiates the book by exploring what he defines as the Royal Road and the essential quality thereof is that it is a way…