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IRH Press Health & WellnessSelf-help & Happiness The Starting Point of Happiness

The Starting Point of Happiness

An Inspiring Guide to Positive Living with Faith, Love, and Courage

Ryuho Okawa awakens us to the true spiritual values of our life; he beautifully illustrates how we can find purpose and meaning to attain enduring happiness. Okawa empowers spiritual seekers to find the strength amidst difficult circumstances and to savor the joy of giving love to others - all in accordance with the will of the great universe. This self-renewing guide to positive living will awaken us to spiritual truths that invite authentic and lasting happiness.

In this book, you will also find:

  • What are the two direction of love?
  • How can we overcome an inferiority complex through love?
  • How we are connected to the source of infinite wisdom?
  • New ways of thinking to achieve personal fulfillment
  • The truth of life from the perspective of the great universe