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The Starting Point of Happiness

An Inspiring Guide to Positive Living with Faith, Love, and Courage

In The Starting Point of Happiness, author Ryuho Okawa awakens us to the true spiritual values of our life; he beautifully illustrates, in simple but profound words, how we can find purpose and meaning in life and attain happiness that lasts forever. Okawa stresses the importance of cultivating and polishing our mind as the mind is the only thing we can take with us when return to the other world; we have to leave behind everything we thought to be valuable in this world. This book empowers spiritual seekers to find the strength in the midst of difficult times, to savor the joy of giving love to others, and to be in tune with the will of the great universe. This self-renewing guide to positive living will awaken us to the spiritual truths, infuse us with hope, strength and fulfillment, and lead us to walk the path to authentic, lasting happiness.

Wellness, Self Growth
IRH Press (October 1, 2017)
ISBN 10: 1942125267
ISBN 13: 978-1942125266
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