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The Strong Mind

The Art of Building the Inner Strength to Overcome Life's Difficulties

In the Strong Mind, author Ryuho Okawa presents a self-transformative perspective on life's hardships and challenges, as precious opportunities for inner growth. No matter what your circumstances or how slow your progress may seem you will develop the strength of character to rise about the limitations that each stage of life can bring. With this book as your guide, life's challenges will become treasures to bring lasting and continuous enrichment for your soul.

Learn the following mental attitudes to achieve a "strong mind"...

  • Resilience: the mental toughness that empowers you to bounce back from adversity
  • Stoutness: the courage to stand up for and strive to realize that you believe in your heart
  • Inner Maturity: a heart that acknowledges the diverse views and perspectives of people
  • Inner Richness: a noble spirit founded on a strong sense of duty
  • Inner Strength: an unwavering spirit that lets you remain calm and staunch