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My Early Thoughts that Revealed My True Mission

Chronicles Ryuho Okawa's formative years up to the founding of Happy Science and rise to religious prominence. Comprised of two parts, Part One offers a glimpse into Okawa's early thoughts on profound philosophical themes. Part Two depicts Okawa's first mainstream lecture in Tokyo Dome, where he addressed a grand audience of 50,000 people in July, 1991. Okawa's milestone moments will be featured in the theatrical film, Twiceborn, a dramatized account of Okawa's ascent to greatness, is scheduled for international release in the Fall of 2020.

Since childhood, Okawa was conscious of an important mission steering his future, and dedicated his youth to assiduous study and training. Part One is comprised of six chapters, where Okawa shares vital lessons and discoveries from his youth that would later stand him in good stead when assuming his mission as a world teacher.

Twiceborn imbues readers with timeless wisdom to further spiritual enrichment and inspire meaningful societal contributions. Find God in your given circumstances and endeavor the mission that you are destined for!


A new movie based upon the actual experiences of its executive producer, World Teacher Ryuho Okawa. It is set to be released only a short time following the book of the same name, which is highly recommended reading, as it explains in great detail that which…