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IRH Press Religion & Spirituality What Is Happy Science?

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What Is Happy Science?

Best Selection of Ryuho Okawa’s Early Lectures Volume 1

This book contains five public lectures, the sequel to The Ten Principles from El Cantare v.II. All of them were delivered without a single script and each was perfectly optimal to be put into print as a book. Within the pages of this enthralling book, Ryuho Okawa's passionate lectures will resonate deeply in your soul, igniting an extraordinary shift for self-transformation. As you navigate through each page, the veils will be lifted, unveiling the 'Hidden Past Lives of Jesus.' Immerse yourself in the profound mysteries of the mind and uncover the secrets of the multidimensional universe. Ultimate self-realization entails aligning one's will with that of God's.

The impactful speeches contained herein evoke profound emotions, leaving an enduring imprint on the souls of the audience. The opportunity to possess these legendary lectures now lies well within your reach.

Chapter 1, Changes of the Truth Civilization reveals astonishing secrets of Jesus's past lives beyond 3,000 years of history. Through reading the story of each past life, you will discover the startling similarity in the narrative of each incarnation.

Even amidst persecution, Jesus persistently disseminated the teachings of God's love. What truths lie hidden behind his reincarnations? Explore the incarnations of Jesus who dedicated his life with consistent devotion to humanity and continued to unfold the message of God's love. From Egypt to India, and back in Atlantis, the history of battles fought for the propagation of Truth is revealed.

Chapter 2, What Is Happy Science?

What should the value order of the new era be? In this enlightening lecture, Okawa emphasizes that the most important attitude for Happy Science is the commitment to become genuine-oriented, and clarifies the various benefits of studying the Truth. Moreover, Okawa advocates that there is a need for new philosophy that not only addresses how to overcome individual struggles and suffering but also offers solutions for ideological conflicts and religious disputes in the modern age.

Presented in a manner accessible to beginners, this lecture unveils the fresh paradigm that Happy Science has aimed to establish since the beginning.

Chapter 3, The Discovery of Enlightenment

What is the path to enlightenment? In this chapter, the process of achieving enlightenment becomes clear. Firstly, Okawa emphasizes the discovery of our own unique 'inner pearl' and the need to gain a higher level of awareness through learning from others' life journeys. Furthermore, Okawa delves into becoming a 'black belt holder of the mind' who is capable of alleviating the sufferings of others. In this sense, self-establishment becomes a path of benefiting oneself and others simultaneously. The Discovery of Enlightenment is presented in a manner that it is easily comprehensible even to beginners of the Truth.

Chapter 4, Secrets of the Multidimensional Universe reveals the astounding mission of each one of us Earthlings from the grand macro cosmic perspective. Within each of our inner minds lies an immeasurable expansive and an immense universe. As we explore this mystery, we will come to know the true nature of ourselves, the world, and the divine who brought this world into existence. Even this seemingly boundless three-dimensional universe serves as a window through which we catch a glimpse of higher-dimensional divine realms. Souls residing on Earth are a proud part of the vast cosmos, constituting an honorable assembly. Humanity must awaken to this noble mission and embrace the role of 'Angels of Light.'

Chapter 5, The Ultimate Self-Realization

Okawa's spiritual ability uncovers the truth about Hermes, often viewed as Zeus' son in Greek mythology. Yet, Hermes' existence predated Zeus, preaching love and progress. Hermes' teachings of love influenced Jesus, while his teachings on progress shaped Western civilization. The keys to attaining the ultimate self-realization are found in the life of Hermes who lived in harmony with God's will, much like the gentle touch of the wind.

This chapter predominantly flows poetically, sharing spiritually potent words. Readers will grasp the pure love which is akin to the wind – invisible to physical eyes yet felt deeply as it gently caresses our cheeks. Love is like the wind and it is always present.

  • Changes of the Truth Civilization
  • What Is Happy Science?
  • The Discovery of Enlightenment
  • Secrets of the Multi-Dimensional Universe
  • The Ultimate Self-Realization