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Worry-free Living

Let Go of Stress and Live in Peace and Happiness

We all dream of solving our problems and achieving a life of inner peace and happiness, but life often presents new worries to overcome. Ryuho Okawa offers essential spiritual solutions to develop a mindset that cultivates peace of mind, even as we endure life's array of difficult experiences. Learn to discover negative patterns of thought and confront the fierce waves of emotional hardship from a higher perspective, to view them as calm gentle ripples of the sea.

Illustrated with examples that we typically find in daily practice, Okawa presents powerful mental attitudes to manage stress, improve relationships and allay fears of uncertainty. Free yourself from worries and open a path to the guidance of heavenly miracles and a life of peace and serenity.

In this book, you will find advice on:

  • Improving your relationships by changing perceptions
  • Coping with harsh criticism through inner fortitude
  • Overcoming jealous feelings with a heart that blesses others
  • Allowing miracles to happen by giving yourself to the Will of Heaven