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You have endured the pain of bullying.
When you are in pain and dying, if you speak up and ask for help, it is nothing to be ashamed of.
From now on, don't fight alone. Your father, mother, and others who are trying their best to protect you.
Why not rely on them? You are not really alone.

From the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa, I would like to share with you a few tips to save you from being bullied right now.

The Reality of Bullying

~ Classrooms have become "places of confrontation with evil spirits"



Unlike in the past, these days, if I am allowed to use a religious term, the situation of being possessed by evil spirits, or rather controlled by them, has already spread down to the elementary school level, where groups like mini-gangs of children have been formed quite a bit.

We need to cope seriously with this.

It is unreasonable to tell a child to fight as an individual. No matter how much a parent says so, it is almost impossible. For example, even if an adult says, "I will go into a gang nest by myself, fight, and let them surrender," it wouldn’t work.

When your child goes to the classroom, he/she is in that situation every single day, and there is no way to escape from it. There is one adult in the classroom, a homeroom teacher, but it is like a closed room, so there is no escape.

Parents know very little about these school situations. Fathers are indifferent, and many mothers are working nowadays, so they do not listen to their children's situation sufficiently, and even if they do, they are unable to respond to them. They cannot go to the school every day and keep an eye on them.

Even if parents want their child to fight hard as an individual, it is not that easy because the other party is many.

Of course, it is true that these bad kids are also doing so for various reasons, such as family circumstances, but the reality is that the classrooms have become the "sites to confront with evil spirits". This is becoming quite common in number.


From "The Laws of Education" by Ryuho Okawa



If you are bullied, keep as specific a record as possible



Bullying groups are becoming mini-gangs. This is like mafia rule. And when even the schools are linked to this, the fight against bullying really becomes like a "war against organized evil".

It is very difficult for mothers to confront this and resolve bullying. The school tries to run away and hide the bullying, and the children, the wrongdoers, also try to get away with it, and these two sides collude. How do we fight this?

For a child, it takes tremendous courage to accuse someone of bullying.

And even when your child summoned up the courage to appeal, he/she will be told by many, "There is no proof. I never said that. He is the one who is lying."

And the homeroom teacher also colludes with the bully because it is easier to run away from the problem. The teachers do not want to uncover, so they deny the incident anyway and say that it is not bullying.

Then, they say, "It has to be repetitive and continuous to qualify as bullying. If it is transient, then it is just a prank," or "It's just a little harassment," and so on, in order to disqualify it as bullying.

It is very hard to fight this.

Therefore, when bullying is detected, parents should keep as detailed and specific a record as possible of "who did what, on what day, at what time, and what kind of things they said." What did they say?" It is best to keep as detailed and concrete a record as possible.

When you accuse someone of bullying, they will always try to deny it. Not only the bully, but even school teachers will say that there is no proof and run away with it, so keep as detailed a record of the bullying as possible.

However, this alone is not really enough to prove bullying, but still, without a record of "things repeatedly being done to your child," you have no weapon to fight with.


From "The Laws of Education" by Ryuho Okawa



Make detailed notes and consult with an outside party


Nowadays, bullying is often not resolved within the school, so please also call the police, school board, or education center for help with bullying.

It has to be an outside person to be trusted. If you tell someone on the inside, he or she will talk to the top, they often will go into hiding with it. So, please talk to someone on the outside. That way, the school can be checked. However, even if you consult with the outside, it is not always sure whether that will solve the problem or not.

For example, the board of education is trying to address the issue of bullying in response to the trend of education reform, but this may not be enough. Since the majority of the board members come from teaching backgrounds, schools and the board of education are, so to speak, in the same profession. For the board members, dealing with bullying is something they have done themselves, so they have a tendency to protect "their side."

There have been political moves to change this, but I am not sure how effective they will be.

But please say what needs to be said.

If you talk to someone outside the school, you will first be told to talk to the principal. If you tell the homeroom teacher in vain, you must tell the principal at least once, but some principals have "no conscience," and there is a possibility that they will "go along with the homeroom teacher. Therefore, if you feel that the problem cannot be solved, you still need to tell someone outside the school.

Please make sure to voice your opinion to the board of education and others. If the school does not acknowledge the bullying, the problem will never be solved unless someone from the outside is brought in. Please have that kind of fighting attitude.


From "The Laws of Education" by Ryuho Okawa



Never be defeated by the forces of evil



People who do not have faith in Buddha or God will see people who live with righteousness or with love as fools or as losers.

For example, let's say there is a child who follows the teachings of Happy Science, does not lie, and lives honestly. That child is always looking for the right thing to do, talking about the right thing, and trying to do the right thing.

On the other hand, suppose there is a child who can lie all he wants, speak ill of others all he wants, and beats people up all he wants. At first glance, it would appear that the child is stronger who speaks ill of others and beats and kicks people as much as he can, while the child who is honest and does not lie is weaker.

However, what I would like to say to you is that this world, the world after this world, and the universe, including the spirit world, are all created by Buddha and God.

Therefore, apart from the feelings of the fundamental Buddha or God, there can be no truth or justice in the universe. It means that good and evil are divided based on the mind of the One who created this world.

The Buddha, or God, says to you, "Be kind to others. Love others. Live righteously."

A person who continues to lie will not live a happy life to the end. Lies will always be exposed. Liars will lose their trust, be blamed by people, and be criticized by people. They will become poor, live a miserable life, and die in misery.

Even if a person who has punched, kicked, or hurt someone can get away with it because the evidence does not come to light, the fact that he or she has done such a bad thing, that he or she has hit, kicked, or bullied someone and caused him or her to suffer, will not disappear.

This fact is recorded in the eyes of the Buddha and remains in the hearts of each one of you.

It is said that this world is a world of cause and effect. In other words, "those who do the right thing will get the right result, and those who do the wrong thing will surely get a bad result."

Such "good causes yield good results and bad causes yield bad results" will occur even during our lifetime.

It is probably not the case that a person who does the right thing will remain unhappy for the rest of his or her life, and it is not the case that a person can be happy by continuing to do bad things.

Even though the flames of evil seem to be triumphing now, they will not only consume others, but will surely come to consume one's own happiness as well.

At one time it may seem that the power of evil is so strong that even if you resist evil, you will not prevail. However, you should live righteously. Observe the truth, follow the teachings of Buddha, and continue to be honest, righteous, and diligent.

You are an eyesore to them. They are bullying you because your presence makes them suffer. They make the righteous look weak. You could say that they are trying to cover up their deceit and lies by mocking those who live the truth.

You shall never be defeated by the forces of evil. Live in the truth. Live in the light.

Do not live in the world of animals, where the strong overthrow the weak, and the many bully the few. Do not live in such an animal world of "eat or be eaten."

The world you all are aiming for is the world of angels. It is the job of angels to comfort and help the downtrodden, the bullied, and the weak. Do not make the mistake of joining the bullies and bullying the weak so that you will not be bullied.


From "Hermes Angels" No. 135, "Words of Light" by Ryuho Okawa, President of Kofuku-no-Kagaku / The World of Bullying and the World of Love (2)



Your lives are watched over by numerous angels


You are not the only ones who know about your life. Remember that your life is watched over by many angels!

They are always watching the lives of each and every one of you on earth from the heavenly realm. When you are sad, they are sad, and when you are happy, they are happy.

In this way, I would like you to remember at all times that there is a being who walks with you and lives with you. Sometimes the angels walk the path with you on their backs.



You may believe only in what you can see and not in what you cannot see. But I want you to know how much love is hidden in what you cannot see.

How much your loneliness will be healed when you know that your invisible neighbors are watching over you day and night and shed tears with you when you are sad.


From "From Love to Prayer" by Ryuho Okawa



We have a duty to become happy


One trait common to those who think that they are always being victimized is that they share an air of being hurt. In other words they behave as if they are always being bullied.

More than anybody else, these kinds of people are prone to expose their weaknesses to others, and often have salt rubbed into their wounds. This is because they do not love themselves in the true sense. At a subconscious level they have a desire to destroy themselves and, without realizing, this surfaces on the outside.

People like this have a tendency toward self-abasement. Having experienced some kind of setback in their lives, they have come to believe that they are no good, that they are worthless or useless.



In this case, it is important to live through your life with positive thinking. There is no way of saving those who believe that they are worthless or useless. Rather, you need to believe that you are a child of Buddha, created by Him, and therefore a wonderful human being.

At the same time, you need to have a positive attitude based on the belief that humans are born in order to become happy, that they have a duty to become happy. No matter how hard you may look at the wretched side of your being, nothing will improve. So it is important to change your thinking radically and create a shining image of yourself.

People who always make themselves shine by positive thinking will find that those around them will not be able to speak ill of this kind of bright person. People cannot criticize those who are always cheerful and radiate an air of success, because if they do, they in turn will be criticized by people around them, who will say that they are only speaking out of jealousy. If you criticize somebody who looks somewhat disreputable, your friends are likely to agree with you, but if you criticize a person who has an air of success, other people will think that you are only expressing envy and your words will come back at you.

Therefore, do not think that your state is somebody else's fault. People who feel that they are always the victim of somebody else's ill-will certainly emanate a feeling of sadness or misery. If you think that this applies to you, it is important that you make the effort to improve your self-image and change your attitude.


From "The Unhappiness Syndrome" by Ryuho Okawa

"No matter how many times I kill myself, I can't die." ...a high school girl who suffers from bullying and repeatedly commits suicide...