I know it must have been very painful for you to realize that you are "different from others."
But before you complain and curse society, try to touch the word of truth.
You may have a disability, but as a soul you are perfect. You have a perfect soul.
Know the truth of your soul, the purpose and mission of your life, and find meaning in your life and live it out.

From the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa, we have selected a prescription for the mind to lighten the worries and suffering caused by gender identity disorder as much as possible.

Gender identity disorder is not a disease



What happens to a soul's gender when it returns to the other world?

If a person lives as a woman in this world, when she returns to the other world, normally she will retain the consciousness of a woman until she is ready for the next incarnation. Similarly, it is normal for a man to retain a male consciousness. That being so, I think that in your friend's case, his life plan was probably distorted from his intention.

Nowadays, there are cases of intentional abortion and many other complications. An individual may end up marrying someone other than who was intended, or conditions may change a bit so as to throw the predetermined life plan off. In many cases, things may not come off as intended.

However, even if a person is born with the opposite gender from what was intended, if that individual has a mixed-gender group of “soul siblings,” he will generally accept the fact. In addition, even if it is the first time for the individual to be born as male or female, the soul may accept the situation and live his or her life.

However, in your friend's case, I think that his soul cannot accept the situation under any circumstances.

Since his soul is oriented to the sex opposite to that of his body, he cannot eliminate the feeling, “This is not me.”

In most cases, this kind of situation tends to arise strongly when all the soul siblings are female or male and the individual is born into the opposite sex.

However, when the long trail of reincarnations are considered, many are born alternatively as male and female. This is because unless a soul takes on both genders, the life experience is likely to be insufficient.

Although your friend may have been born with the unintended gender this time, it could very well prove a valuable experience for his soul. Therefore, one option is making a go at living with the circumstances.

However, if he is determined to stick to his decision of not accepting his current gender, I believe that another option would be gender reassignment surgery.


From “Healing from Within” by Ryuho Okawa



Advice for people with gender identity disorder


Recently a lot of attention has been paid to people who have a gender identity disorder. This occurs when a person has been born into this life as a man after having been repeatedly born into past lives as a woman, or vice versa. In other words, a person was born as the opposite gender from that of the past, and consequently received a bit of a shock in this case. That is to say, some mistake has been made while the current reincarnation was still in the planning stages.

For example, before the birth was decided a person might have thought, “My parents will absolutely have to be this couple,” but it turns out that the pair will only give birth to one child. In such a case, although the intention was to be born as a male, the soul was made to enter into a female body. After birth, the person thinks, “Hey, although I intended to be a man, I ended up being a woman. What a mess I'm in now.”

These people did not plan their lives specifically enough. Some people have made perfect plans, others have not. So in the case of individuals with gender identity disorder, the person “miscalculated” and ended up being born in the opposite gender. Nearly all of these people have made this mistake. Consequently, if a person feels strong gender conflictions, it means that his or her soul recognizes the self as the opposite sex.


From “Healing from Within” by Ryuho Okawa



Many people are out of sync with their life plans before they were born



Since a doctor is unaware that gender identity disorder can be understood in spiritual terms and is not a physical malady, they diagnose it as an illness.

Nevertheless, from a religious standpoint, it is not a “disease.” It is merely a case of being clearly conscious of one's own sexual nature.

Please inform your friend that this is the basic meaning of the condition. As for how he should live his life, that is up to each individual to decide.

The truth is that if a person lives his whole life with a grudge, he accomplishes nothing. At some point, a person has to make a firm decision. After all, in life we cannot expect everything to go the way we want.

For example, many people are preoccupied with all aspects of themselves: from their height and weight, to how they look, to how smart they are. These people suffer because things are not the way they want them to be. Likewise, there are many people whose reality differs from their pre-birth life plan, and who believe that, “This is not the way things were supposed to be.”

Everyone is enduring these complications. Please do not feel isolated and work hard.


From “Healing from Within” by Ryuho Okawa


Living Spiritually in a Material World


We came here to experience a new age, a modern society, and to make a new character and go back to another world. Some become new angels through the education of this three-dimensional world, and some make mistakes and go down to hell. But it is also an experience. Hell is a hospital for them. They don't know clearly about their spirituality in their lives, so they are going to a hospital in the spiritual world. And after they awaken, they can go back to heaven.

So, all is teaching us

That the most important thing

Is to learn how to live in this world,

In your materialistic body.

But how you can realize

What you are and what you should do

Will decide your afterlife.

It's God's rule.

God does not divide or sentence you.

You, yourself, decide your destiny.

This is the reason

We are living in this world,

In Canada, in the United States, India

Brazil, or Uganda, or other country.

This world is materialistic, but in this materialistic world, be spiritual. That is the main reason for this life.


From The Reason We Are Here by Ryuho Okawa



The case of a male soul born as a female in this life as a soul training: Karma Reading by Master Ryuho Okawa


Ryuho Okawa: It says, 'Why didn't you make me a man? If I had been born a man, I would have fought, but why did you make me a woman?" I feel this is a "curse" like "Why didn't you make me a man?"

(This person has been born female in the last two consecutive past incarnations.)

Ryuho Okawa: So, this person feels very strongly inside, like "I was prevented from self-realization twice in a row." I really feel that this person is pursuing the unreasonableness of this "reincarnation system" by saying, "Come out, you who are responsible!"

Ryuho Okawa: Why was she born a girl and could not choose her own gender? Why did it come to this? Who was "in charge"? Who was "in charge"?

"This time," this spirit says, "it's going to be a woman's era. Being a woman is going to be more advantageous. You don't understand this. The age of women, not men, is coming in a little while, and it will be more advantageous to be born a girl."

Ryuho Okawa: Perhaps, in the case of a person who was born male and lived a very radical life, he might "live through a woman’s life to rest his soul, build up his strength, and then fight again as a man". (this person’s life reading revealed that this man killed a lot of people in his past lives, in revolutions and wars.)

Ryuho Okawa: Well, from what I can hear now, I can say, generally, if you have killed more than five people, you will often be a woman in your next incarnation. So, that means you need to "rest" a little.


From "Illness Karma Reading" by Ryuho Okawa