If you have panic disorder or any phobias, I sympathize with you spending your days in constant fear and anxiety.
However, the cause can be found in very unexpected places.
Try unraveling the books on the Truth.
Reincarnation and past lives may be the keywords to solve your problems.

From the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa, I have selected a prescription for the mind to remove the worries and suffering caused by panic attacks and phobias.

Panic disorder

Panic disorder can be influenced by past lives


There are also cases in which, in a past life, when a person was walking in the mountains, out of the blue he was attacked and killed by bandits, or was slain in a surprise attack, or was cut down by thieves in a back alley, or had his home invaded by robbers who had finished him off, or was otherwise murdered without warning. When a person who experienced this is reborn, a variety of extremely anxious feelings and terrors will be present, and he is likely to develop a panic disorder.

In this way, if you cannot find enough evidence of the cause in this life, even if you look back to your youth, it is quite likely that abnormal experiences in one of your many past lives are at work.


From Healing From Within by Ryuho Okawa

Clandestine phobia

Claustrophobia: influenced by past life experiences such as being buried alive



There are also people who suffer from claustrophobia or fear of enclosed spaces. Take the case of a person who says: “I'm terrified of enclosed places. Small rooms are scary to me, and elevators are intimidating too. I'm terrified if the doors are locked. In other words, I feel like I'm suffocating.” Spiritual readings of past lives will likely show that these people died in such a manner.

Such people were killed under circumstances in which they were trapped and could not escape.

For example, if a person died in a Nazi gas chamber, in this life such an individual will be absolutely terrified of being trapped in an enclosed area. In cases like it, in which large numbers of people died, the deceased are reborn relatively quickly, but a very great percentage of them will retain this fear.

If we do a spiritual reading much farther back into the past, we can find cases in which the cause of such a fear of enclosed places can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt.

In ancient Egypt, when a pharaoh died, his servants and handmaidens were buried alive along with the pharaoh's jewels and treasures inside the pyramid or other graves. The reason why they were buried alive was because people thought, “When the pharaoh arrives in the next world, he will be inconvenienced if he finds himself all alone. Since the pharaoh will surely face difficulties in his everyday life, let's send his servants along with him into the next world.” Thus, these servants were buried alive and allowed to die.

In such cases, no doubt these people were not yet ready to die. As a result it became karma and gave rise to their fear of enclosed spaces or the terror of being buried alive.


From Healing From Within by Ryuho Okawa


Past life experiences of falling can cause fear of heights.


An even more common example is acrophobia, or fear of heights. When people suffering from this phobia go up to a high place, they will be absolutely unable to control their fears. But if we conduct spiritual readings of such people's past lives, in nearly every case, we find that they died after falling from a high place.

That may happen in war, or by falling, or by being pushed off cliffs, shoved from roofs, from turrets, from windows of buildings, or otherwise from suffering an experience of falling during a past life. In such cases, these people cannot help their fear of high places.

Recently, there are cases where people who died in airplane accidents were reborn, and now have a fear of airplanes. These people are scared to death of boarding an airplane.

In this manner, a soul will carry over various things from past lives, and experiences of fear in past lives will resurface.

If someone experiences a major accident in this life, it remains as karma and so the next time that person is reborn, it is likely that a fear of it will develop.


From Healing From Within by Ryuho Okawa

Water phobia

Past life submersion experiences may cause fear



Then again there are people who are terrified of water. These people think, “I'm scared of going into the water. Swimming pools scare me to death. I'm also scared of rivers. Anyhow, I can't avoid being horrified when I see water.”

In most cases, a spiritual reading reveals that such a person experienced a water-related death in a past life.

This experience of death by water may have taken any number of forms, including drowning, an accident in the water, being murdered in water, or dying in a flood.

In such cases, their souls will likely be engraved with incredible terror. Such a feeling of terror in the soul might appear in a form of phobia in this life too. Therefore, it is no wonder that they should have a fear of water.


From Healing From Within by Ryuho Okawa


Heterophobia is like a curse.


In the case of gynophobia and masculophobia(fear of women and men), there is usually an experience of failure, followed by fear, awkwardness, and a lack of trust in oneself.

Regarding this, you need to take a good look at yourself. When you come to think, "It might be the reason" then the brainwashing or spell that you have put on yourself will be lifted. I think that is important to know.


From "Growing Old and Not Decaying" by Ryuho Okawa

If you can't judge a marriage partner for yourself, have someone in the right place do it for you






Men who have been divorced or have remained single all their lives are often scared of women. Those who are not confident with women find it very difficult to devote themselves to their work and this could be why you have trouble with negotiations.

Therefore, people who find it difficult to get over a divorce need to look for a new partner as quickly as possible. And people who have remained single for a long time usually have high ideals, so they should forget about these and settle for anybody suitable. If you are unable to make up your mind for yourself, ask somebody else to do it for you. If you cannot come to a decision, ask your parents, your superior at work or your friends for their opinion. It is sometimes necessary to let other people decide things for you and if their opinions differ, you should follow the advice of the person you admire most or whom you feel thinks the same way as you.


From The Unhappiness Syndrome by Ryuho Okawa



If you change yourself right now, the past can also change


Among people who have achieved great economic success, there are some individuals who will not hesitate to say: “I'm glad that I was poor when I was young. I wanted so badly to escape poverty that I persevered and became what I am today. If my family had been rich, and if I had been affluent, I probably would not have gotten where I am. It was precisely because I was poor that I achieved happiness.” Judging from the results, that would appear to be the case.

If you are looking for reasons in the past for your present situation, it only goes to show that you are still a bit spoiled. If you allow your present self to give off a shining light, then the past will appear differently.

If you search your past for the reasons you cannot be happy, you will find any numbers of causes. However, everything can also be a “seed of happiness.” Exploring your past and discovering the cause that has made you the way you are today, is one method that will give you guidance. Still, the fact is that, if you change yourself right now, then everything in the past will come to appear differently.

The past of this life can change, but you can also consider unhappiness in a past life as the seed for your happiness in this present life. It is true that you can go back that far in time to turn your life around. Please have sufficient fortitude to do just that.

If we can change the past, then changing the future is very simple. Since we are talking about what is going to happen from this point forward, this surely means that there is plenty of room for change.


From “Healing from Within” by Ryuho Okawa



When the person understands the true cause, the illness starts to disintegrate and eventually disappears



People have various past lives, and many of them now have illnesses that arise due to some specific experience in a past life. Therefore, people who suffer illnesses with unknown reasons or who suffer strange, incurable diseases may often discover the cause by having past life readings. Then, strangely enough, when the cause of the illness is found out, the “manifestation of the karma” breaks down and the illness starts to heal. This phenomenon is also found in regression therapy. The illness disappears when the person becomes aware of the cause.

It is truly a wonder. This may sound truly mysterious, but when the person understands the true cause, the illness starts to disintegrate and eventually disappears.


From The Laws of Steel by Ryuho Okawa