People's worries are endless. Many of our worries begin with comparisons with others.
Even one part of the body, such as the eyes, nose, mouth, chin, eyebrows, arms, legs, and waist area, we have a sense of inferiority complex by comparing ourselves to other people.
However, what we should really compare is not what we can see, but what we cannot see.
What do you think, if this "heart" is the secret that makes our appearance shine?

From the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa, we have selected a prescription for the mind to relieve worries related to the body.

When the mind changes, the appearance changes in some aspects


The truth is, if the mind changes, the outward appearance will also change in some aspects.

I often preach it as a religious teaching that the power of the thought of humans can control the body to a great extent, from each organ of the body to the surface and appearance of the body.

In addition, whether a person is "beautiful or not" actually varies from person to person. There is a difference between "objectively beautiful as in a "montage" photo" and "an individual's perception of a person as beautiful."

After all, human beings are spiritual beings to some extent and can sense what is being "emanated" from a person. Therefore, even if a person has an ordinary face, whether male or female, if he or she is energetic and fresh-faced, those around him or her will also become somehow more energetic and cheerful. This can make them appear to be much better and more wonderful than they actually are. Also, there is not only "external age" but also "mental age".

Or, even if we cannot do as the actors do, we can create our own roles in our life and change ourselves by thinking that each person is the hero. Actually, we can change ourselves by grasping the laws of the mind.


From "How to Deal with Life's Struggles" by Ryuho Okawa



Changing your self-image by accentuating your belongings, clothing, hairstyle, etc., and "will power" may change your life



It is important to put yourself into a kind of self-hypnosis, as if you were an actor, saying, "This is who I am."

If you do self-hypnosis, for example, saying that things are changing in this way, or things are changing for the better every day, you will gradually begin to have such an atmosphere. It is important to do so...

If someone says to you, "You have the luck to be independent and are destined for the top," even your impression can change your "self-image" in that way.

It really doesn't matter if it is not an impression, but a tie, brooch, clothes, hairstyle, or whatever. Something can change your self-image, and I believe that "will power" can change your life, such as changing your way of thinking by adding an accessory...

People will not necessarily become popular because of good appearance. If your content has "strong will power," "power of thought," and "power of sincerity," then people will feel it and do not look at you only from the outside...

The figure of the heart comes outwardly. Even if two brothers are born from the same parents and look alike on the outside, if their "soul power" is different, they will look completely different.


From "How to Deal with Life's Struggles" by Ryuho Okawa



You don't need to be "loved by the whole world," just appeal with what you have




If you think you are not good looking and want to get plastic surgery, it is important to have an image of yourself every day that you are good looking, that you are popular. If you think in that way, you’ll magically appear to be so.

What is also necessary for most people is the idea that "it is not necessary to be popular with all of mankind. We don't need to be liked by all mankind, but only with certain people. That would be satisfactory.

It is enough to be popular with at least a few people, such as family members, colleagues, or people you like, and it is not necessary for the average person to be popular with the entire human race and to become the "lover of the world". There is no need for men and women to be that beautiful. If they were to become "lovers of the world," in the opposite sense, they would not be able to get married. It would be a real problem.

In any case, all you need is to be loved by a particular person, so you just need to bring out "what you have" as much as possible. I don't know if that will make the other person like you or find you beautiful, but I think it is important to bring yourself to such a place.


From "How to Deal with Life's Struggles" by Ryuho Okawa



A woman with glimpses of weakness or mistakes is often more attractive and loved than a flawless, perfect beauty



For women who are too beautiful, the trick to attract men and to be liked by the same sex is to show a little weakness by intentionally creating some kind of gap, for example, by making a little screw-up. Just like showing a glimpse of the underside of your clothes, showing a glimpse of your weaknesses is the key to maintaining a good relationship and building your reputation.

After all, neither a flawless man nor a flawless woman is "perfect" in a sense. We tend to think that being completely invincible and fully armed is "true perfection," but this is not the case. True perfect beauty always holds a little something missing.

This is similar to Rikyu's art of tea. The "ultimate beauty" is not found in a tea bowl or something that is perfectly flawless, but slightly chipped or cracked or something like this is tasteful.

Similarly, this kind of person is actually attractive when others say about her, "She has this weak point. If she could only fix it, she would be perfect."...

People are sometimes more relieved to hear, "Oh, I didn't know she had these flaws," so I think it is better to reveal such aspects to them. It is also important to know that "people are not so attracted to someone who has no flaws at all.


From "How to Deal with Life's Struggles" by Ryuho Okawa



If you have one point where the light comes out, your other flaws can be hidden



Therefore, do not expect perfection. A little flaw is more attractive than a perfect one, and what you might say is a weakness may not be a weakness at all.

When you make a breakthrough in one area and demonstrate overwhelming "strength" in some area, your other "weaknesses" are hidden. When a "strong light" bursts out from somewhere, all other weaknesses can be blown away.

For example, when we think of "cool presidents" in the U.S., J.F. Kennedy immediately comes to mind, but he was not an English Protestant, but an Irish Catholic, in fact, a minority in the United States.

He entered into Harvard University, but he did not get into Harvard because of his good grades. His grades were not good enough to get into Harvard, but he was very strong in organizing the team and the school in club activities, etc. The Harvard alumni who interviewed him recommended him to Harvard, saying that he was attractive as a human being, even though his academic ability was a bit lower. So John F. Kennedy was admitted to Harvard.

He must have actually limped at times because his right leg and left leg were slightly different lengths, but few, if any, probably noticed that. After all, he still has the image of a stylish, cool, and youthful president.

In reality, however, he had those shortcomings, and in truth, while he was not that smart and looked like an athlete, he actually had a leg length problem...

In this sense, it is better to learn that "one can also cover one's shortcomings through hard work," and that "even if one has many other shortcomings, if one breaks through a point and a great light comes out, one can become so dazzling that other shortcomings are hidden.


From "How to Deal with Life's Struggles" by Ryuho Okawa



Fashion is a way to express yourself, and how you express yourself will expand the range of possibilities in your life


You should know that "humans, by nature, are given nearly one hundred percent freedom when it comes to fashion, because when we were born naked, we were wearing nothing." It means we can use it to change ourselves.

In other words, human beings are not complete in the way they were when they were born naked as babies.

Of course, the soul is what is inside a person, but in reality, "etiquette," "the way one speaks," "the content of one's speech," etc., also play a role in expressing that soul. In addition, "appearance" is also a major factor.

For example, when you are seeing someone, first impressions have a great impact on your relationship. After all, "how you express yourself" can tell a lot about a person. I believe that this is "the range of human potential."...

As we can see from actresses and others, "how you make (your) appearance" can even change your occupation. You can be a nurse, a school teacher, or a farmer's wife. You can even change your expression by the clothes you wear or the way you dress.

Looking at it, I think that fashion is a kind of self-expression after all, and it is about "how you want people to identify you."

Therefore, you should think of fashion as a means of expressing yourself.

I hope that your self-expression is favorable to others and, in some small way, advances society by considering "who or what you are supposed to be when you place yourself in a crowd of other people."


From "How to Improve Your Fashion Sense" by Ryuho Okawa



Alopecia areata



When resented, hair can fall out and cause "alopecia areata"

Many characters such as “Sadako” and “Kayako” appear in movies about curses and they are depicting the typical way of a curse. Since it is difficult to visualize the world of thoughts, those movies made such things into reality. But in fact, curses often appear like that in the spirit world. What would then happen is that you start feeling unwell.

For example, loss of hair, bald patches or spot baldness are things that would make a woman look ugly. I have created a prayer for this (“Prayer for Recovery from Alopecia Areata”— Edgar Cayce’s Special Spiritual Guidance—), so some of you may have heard its back story, it must be quite tough for young women to suffer from bald patches.

There are many treatments such as hair growth medicine or stimulation but the hair really does fall out. When another woman has a grudge on you and the thought of resentment is directed at you, you do physically lose hair sometimes.

Although the woman holding the grudge may be very unaware of their thought, if a part of her soul becomes a “branch spirit” and sticks, fixates and continues to attack you, your hair may fall and get spot baldness.

Doctors might be shocked at hearing this. It is beyond comprehension for materialists so they might be shocked saying, “Are there so many psychics?” But in fact, it happened.

For this reason, I wrote a sutra for a ritual prayer to cure spot baldness. When the person under the curse recited the sutra, her hair started to grow back in a short time within a month or so. The hair grew back stronger and thicker than before, which I took some photos for the record. Even her hair stylist said, "Wow, that's amazing. It's growing back so fast!"

Thus, when someone’s negative thoughts attach onto you, it is sometimes enough to make the hairs fall out.


From “How to Fight by Repelling Curses” by Ryuho Okawa





Walking is effective in preventing metabolic syndrome

In terms of muscle mass in your body, the lower body is especially heavier than the upper body, so training your lower body muscles will raise your basal metabolic rate(BMR). Training those muscles greatly increases your energy consumption rate, too. In other words, exercises involving lower body movement burn fat and consume lots of unwanted calories, so they are helpful in preventing what is referred to as the metabolic syndrome.

In order to prevent yourself from developing metabolic syndrome, it is best to start working from the lower body. Of course, there are muscles in the upper body as well, but this is only a fraction of the muscle mass compared to that of the lower body, so you should definitely focus on exercises that make use of your legs.


From “Advanced Living” by Ryuho Okawa

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