Fear of a new coronavirus spreads around the world.
The recession was triggered by self-restraint and restructuring and bankruptcies are occurring.
More and more people are taking their own lives due to uncertainty about the future and economic hardship.
However, "suicide" is no solution.
What is important now is to live through this time of fear and to have self-restraint and overcome the corona.

From the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa and other sources, we have selected prescriptions for the mind and the economy not to be defeated by the new coronavirus or the coronavirus recession.

Countermeasures against new coronaviruses


Humans are not easily defeated by coronaviruses



I don't know if it is "with corona" or "after corona," but even if there are coronaviruses, if we look at it as a living organism, we are a giant organism. From their point of view, we are a huge, monstrous creature, and it is a battle like "whale versus water flea. It is like a whale opening its mouth and swallowing the entire seawater, filtering and eating a large amount of water fleas. So, in truth, humans are not the kind of beings that can be easily defeated by the coronavirus. This is a battle that can be won if we want to win it.

Also, there will be available something vaccine-like within a couple of years, so it is certain that the pandemic will come to an end at some point.

Therefore, please believe, "My original self is something greater." Please be firmly aware that you are not the one to be destroyed by such a small, primitive thing that may or may not have life, and strongly believe that your mission is to add utopia to this world as the self-realization of the son of God. If you think so, you will not be killed by them so easily.

It is better to have "enlightenment about one's true self" and then, with courage, strive to make the future of this world a good one.


From "The Economics of Human Warmth" by Ryuho Okawa



A viral infection is the same as spiritual possession


So, how does a viral infection occur? It's basically the same principle as spiritual possession. Viruses themselves are tiny. However, because infection occurs by the same principle as spiritual possession, how you remove and expel it from you works in the same way.

In my case, for example, when I watch the news on TV about someone's death and it shows a photograph of that person's face, the moment I see it, sometimes his or her spirit just instantly comes to me.

The news is reporting about the virus every day, so I'm starting to get worried that viruses may soon make their way to me. I'm hoping that they won't be able to since viruses do not have wings, but as I watch the news about it every day, it's making me feel like it may come.

In this way, infection usually occurs when you build some kind of a connection that enables the virus to come to you. So, please be careful.

Essentially, a viral infection passes from person to person by direct contact. You can catch it through the cough of an infected person or when you touch your face with your hands after holding onto the handrail or hand straps that an infected person has touched. It is said that humans touch their faces hundreds of times a day, so that can become a cause. Of course, there is also an airborne infection.


From How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession” by Ryuho Okawa



Your fear attracts what you fear



Infection and fear actually have a close connection.

A virus weakens the body that it's possessing, but something else happens before that. In the case of a rapid outbreak of a virus, such as the flu that is rampant every year and the novel coronavirus infection, before the virus can jump from person to person, fear spreads first.

A characteristic of fear is that it attracts what you fear, so please be aware of this. For instance, people with fear are the ones that tend to go out into crowded places. They even tend to be the first to catch the flu off a classmate when they see him or her coughing with the flu.

Why do we have fear? Fear is, of course, one of the elements in horror movies, but it is also a strong element of hell. So, when evil spirits, devils, or spirits of the dead possess people and make them fall ill or get into an accident and die, fear is often there to begin with. Fear is something that enables evil spirits to connect with you, so when you have fear, they can enter you. When you open that door or window in you, they will usually make their way in, so you need to fight your fear.

Hell is swamped with feelings of fear, but there is almost none in the heavenly world. The heavenly world is where people are living in a relaxed and comfortable manner. So, if you are the kind of person who often worries or constantly thinks of bad things, then you must be careful.

A strong tendency for this is often seen in people who study meticulously, for they are always afraid of making mistakes in their exams by answering the questions incorrectly. Bureaucratic people also worry about making mistakes. Researchers are also very meticulous. If you are the kind of person who has many worries or strong fears, you are an easy target for them (such as evil spirits), so please be aware of this.


From How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession” by Ryuho Okawa



Your belief in God becomes your immunity


So, please do not have too much fear. Just like the “faith immunity” I spoke about in the book I mentioned earlier, Spiritual Reading of Novel Coronavirus Infection Originated in China, your power of belief in God will become your immunity. This is one reason why faith is known to cure illness from a long time ago. Because of your faith, your immunity will strengthen greatly. Real-life experiments have also proved that it actually boosts it in reality.

Your immunity will strengthen if you believe in God's power, believe in God's protection, and live by your faith. If any malicious virus or bacteria enters your body, your white blood cells will become very active and fight very hard to combat evil germs and viruses that try to invade your body. Our bodies are equipped with a system where the white blood cells become stronger to combat and eat all the malignant viruses that come into our bodies.

If our bodies easily become sick when it is invaded by viruses, then people who are living in underdeveloped regions with very poor sanitation should all get sick, indeed. But in fact, many of them are completely fine. That is because we all have what it takes to fight viruses inside our bodies.

If you live with fear or you have distanced yourself from the faith, your immunity will weaken greatly. On the other hand, if you think, “I am one of God's angels” and live in an angelic way, then your immunity will strengthen. When you live sincerely, thinking, “God, please protect me for as long as I have a mission,” then your body can drive out any bad viruses that come into your body. Viruses, or any such kind of thing, move around in a large mass, but they are indeed very tiny, so you can, of course, drive them out from your body.


From How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession” by Ryuho Okawa



Measures against the Corona Recession

Individuals and companies must come up with "ways to survive"



Both the central government and local public offices propose policies without much thought, so if you can somehow manage on your own, you should come up with a way to survive.

Also, although you should take care of your body, you will ultimately die at the end of the Four Pains, namely, “birth, aging, illness, and death,” so you should try to live a life with which you are satisfied and without unfinished business.

If you are lawfully abiding by the government's request to stay indoors, please increase your productivity by stocking up on different things, such as preparing for what you might need later on or studying something you usually cannot. For example, you could read up on classic literature that you usually have no time to read or gain new knowledge that you will need to use later in your work. Now is the time to prepare your weapons for the next step, so you should read books or cultivate yourself.

You should refrain from watching or reading the same kind of news on different TV stations or newspapers. Instead, you should use your time for something that will help you later on, as I said above.


From How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession” by Ryuho Okawa



It is important to make your own decisions instead of relying on the government or government agencies


Just like with the “Abe mask policy” I mentioned earlier, the government is made up of people who think that their job is done by sending out only two masks to a place the size of the Master's sacred temple with a decent number of people living inside. So it is very unlikely that they can anticipate what will happen and make the right move. This level of ability is below average for a normal company, but this is the norm for bureaucratic jobs.

When a problem arises unexpectedly, what they do is to try to avoid being criticized by the mass media, and because Soka Gakkai and Komeito insisted, they disseminated \100,000 [about US$1,000] to every citizen, and that was it. Soka Gakkai has founded their political party and started participating in the election campaigns, so they want achievements. Because they are getting \100,000, their members can use that to fund their election activities. As they see it, a good job has been done. So, they can say to their members, “Your support of the election campaigns has returned to you as money.” Even so, we don't know if this \100,000, handed out to every citizen, from babies to the elderly, in Japan, can actually solve the problems of people other than their members. In terms of this fund, many people will not be able to get the money because most people are likely to be too lazy to even fill out the application form and apply for it properly. What's more, this policy may have been a show, with this taken into consideration.

Also, the Tokyo government has been requesting places like hair and beauty salons to close their shops because there is a high risk of getting infected. They have been saying that they will fund from \150,000 to \300,000 [about US$1,500 – 3,000] to shops that voluntarily close during the long weekends. But funding \150,000 to \300,000 is very likely to only cover the amount of one person's monthly salary that beauty and hair salons in Tokyo pay their staff. They also need money to pay for other things, like rent, but this expense will not be covered. So, if this continues for a few months, there is certainly a risk of them going bankrupt.

So, even if the Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, has announced funding of \150,000 to \300,000, until we know when the payment will be made, for how long they will fund you, and when this funding will end, we have to protect ourselves. If you naively follow what the government says, you may not have enough money, for example, to cover your children's school fees by next year. This is what I'm trying to say. On top of this, there may be family disputes that may lead to divorce.

The government has a fixed way of doing the job that they use on everybody. But every person's circumstances are different, so we each have to make our own judgments.


From How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession” by Ryuho Okawa



Nurture "in-house entrepreneurs" to ensure survival



I want to ask you to change your focus and put aside this idea of the government-driven economy. One should completely give up on that idea and begin “the management strategy in the age of perseverance” instead. I believe it would be risky not to.

So what is the management strategy in the age of perseverance?

Ultimately, it means each company staking its own survival by thinking of how to raise its profits, if only a little, and increase its sales. From the standpoint of each individual employee, it means to become a person who thinks about how to start a new venture in one’s own department and such, as an inhouse entrepreneur, and who thinks about ways to create a profitable division.

If this is what happens, then I have no problem with salaries going up. There is no problem whatsoever in a company developing its business by its own efforts, increasing its sales, increasing its profits and then increasing its employees’ salaries. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

Also, if an individual functioning as an in-house entrepreneur comes up with a new idea, produces a hit product and creates a profitable, cash cow division that leads to a salary, bonus or share-out raise in the division, or better yet, the dividends go on to enrich other divisions and contributes to their pay raise, then I have no problem at all with salaries going up. This is because it’s different from the nation-led “Road to Serfdom” that Hayek would be opposed to.


From “Management Strategy in the Age of Perseverance” by Ryuho Okawa



A time to test employees' proactiveness and management's capacity to accept it


From the business owner's perspective, if he is surrounded by "yes men" during a recession period, that is also the time in which his company will go under.

In a recession, if the people around a company president only say things like, "You are right. Yes, that is right," the company will go under. So if someone is a good business owner, he must listen to what his subordinates say.

Thus, this is an era in which people must debate, which is to say, they must actively throw opportunities for dialogue at each other.

People standing at the top have to have the magnanimity needed to listen when someone comes at them with a way of thinking that is different from their own. And likewise, people at the bottom have to continually rise to the challenge of doing so and test the magnanimity of their superiors.

If no one does anything, their company will go under. Once it is too late, nothing will save them.


From “Business management is a very difficult endeavor” by Ryuho Okawa



It is important to "save" not only money, but also software and experience



Now, with the Corona recession, some stores are going out of business. Some small companies are going under. Large companies are also going under. You may think you have years or decades of experience there, but the next question is, "So, if they go under, what can you do after that? This is a tough one. Those who have been doing "this and that for 30 years" or "this and that for 40 years" still have to eat, but as far as work is concerned, a restaurant can go completely out of business.

As to "what can you do, then?" again, those who were not prepared will suffer. Or, if you have lessons extracted from what you have experienced and learned that you can apply it to other things, you’ll have a good reason to survive.

Therefore, no matter what kind of environment we are placed in, it is important to always keep in mind that we should be ready to start from zero once again.

What Konosuke Matsushita was talking about in terms of dam management applies to the general public, to each and every individual.

Happy Science has not been banned from giving lectures due to the coronavirus, but it has received requests not to do so. We also receive requests to "take social distance.” We have also received requests not to fill people up in places.

What will they do with the films they make in this environment? Many film-related companies will go bankrupt. Actors are also out of work and filming has stopped. And even though the filming has been completed, it seems that the actors are not being paid for their roles in the film. They say, "We can't pay you because the film hasn't been screened yet. This seems to be the case in most places.

They say that if the film is not shown, they will default and not pay the money. Therefore, the actors' union and others are very severe. They are complaining about various things, saying, "We may not be able to make a living, we are in danger of losing our jobs," but the world is that severe now.

In order to avoid such a situation, we need to create a state in which we can work in several fields, and even if we cannot continue as before, we should always think about whether there is a way to survive by switching to other forms of work when they become available. It is important to "save" not only money, but also software, experience, and other aspects.


From "My Theory of Life" by Ryuho Okawa