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Book, The Eternal Buddha, Ryuho Okawa, French

Book, The Eternal Buddha, Ryuho Okawa, French

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The highest, greatest, and most powerful teaching
The profound message of the Buddha, striking a solemn chord in the heart.

The Eternal Buddha speaks to modern people who have lost the guiding principles of life and are living in the midst of blindness.
What is the profound truth that combines boundless mystery and brilliant rationality?
The great enlightenment, the greatest treasure of mankind, is now revealed.

In this book, you will find:

  • What is the purpose of your birth?
  • Who is the parent of your soul?
  • Why is faith so important?
  • How to live out your own life
Read this book carefully.
Then you will see that you are not mere lumps of matter,
You will see that you are not a mere lump of matter, but an eternal being shining with a golden light.
              (From the Foreword)



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