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Book, The Laws of Courage -Unleash Your True Potential to Open a Path for the Future, Ryuho Okawa, Thai

Book, The Laws of Courage -Unleash Your True Potential to Open a Path for the Future, Ryuho Okawa, Thai

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As a prominent spiritual leader with a diverse background Okawa, originally a successful businessman before awakening to his true calling, provides hands-on guidance for the important lessons that life teaches all people, including friendship and attitude changes in close relationships, as well as broader themes about the global perspective of Right and Wrong, how to find providence in failures, and the ultimate truth about human existence. This practical yet eye-opening book shows how we can find and develop courage within our own being. In order to discover strength and confidence to open a future for ourselves as well as for the world, Okawa espouses both the spirit of self-help and the value of faith. He emphasizes the importance of making efforts and introduces the Law of Compensation, which says that the compensation of what you pay for is equivalent to the value of what you will gain.

Okawa also reveals the secret of the Cosmic Tree in Chapter 5, Live a Life of Truth. Okawa says that human beings are spiritually all part of a single tree in the Universe and are like travelers visiting this Earth for a limited period of time to learn new lessons and obtain new knowledge through numerous reincarnations.

He also introduces a unique perspective on soul mates: when you look at your previous lives, the people you are having complications or conflicts with in this life are actually people that have been in many different relationships with you throughout various reincarnations. ...In your life training, there are people who you are required to meet...The people you have close relationships with are all connected to the same branch of the Tree of Life. It is a sin to hate or loathe each other...because you would be loathing, damaging, and trying to cut off another branch that is connected to the same bough of life as you. In many cases, the person that you despise or hate has an extremely deep spiritual tie with you, and is someone you have met many, many times in your previous lives. He states that the realization of this truth is the key to solving hatred and conflicts that plague the world today.



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