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Book, The Laws Of Messiah : From Love to Love, Ryuho Okawa, Vietnamese

Book, The Laws Of Messiah : From Love to Love, Ryuho Okawa, Vietnamese

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"What is Messiah?" This book carries an important message of love and guidance to people living now from the Modern-Day Messiah or the Modern-Day Savior. It also reveals the secret of Shambhala, the spiritual center of Earth, as well as the truth that this spiritual center is currently in danger of perishing and what we can do to protect this sacred place.

Love your Lord God. Know that those who don’t know love don’t know God. Discover the true love of God and the ideal practice of faith. This book teaches the most important element we must not lose sight of as we go through our soul training on Earth.



  • Now, here, Elohim is thinking about - Good and Evil Taught by the God of Earth
  • What the Messiah Should Say and Do Now? - Showing the Way at the Turning Point of Human History
  • The Teachings of Messiah - The Battle to Change the Values with Words of God
  • The Heart of the Earth - Shambhala That Promotes Spiritual Awakening of Humanity
  • The Love of Messiah - Love on Earth, the Training Ground for the Souls

When a Messiah appears, in most cases, his work will be to present and uphold the thoughts and ideas that have never been voiced before— or thoughts and ideas that are supported by only a small number of people— to create a great surge of movement by gaining supporters, and to overturn and correct the public opinion or value systems of the age.



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