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Book, The Laws of the Future, Ryuho Okawa, Chinese Traditional

Book, The Laws of the Future, Ryuho Okawa, Chinese Traditional

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The Laws of the Future


The time of awakening for humanity has come. This book is the gateway  that people need to go through to improve their own destiny and transform themselves by the power of thought and spirituality. The future is in your hands. Destiny is not something immutable, and it can be changed by your thoughts and volition.

In this new era, some nations in the world turn towards materialism and capitalism, and people are pressured to compete for survival, contrary to the plans of higher spirits for the evolution of humanity.

However, there is still a chance to change your future, that of your family and humanity, and the time is now. Everything depends on your inner awakening, because only it is a possibility to create a bright future.

You must adopt a model of thought, of action, that will lead the society to emerge.

In the midst of the world's cultural diversity, which ancient culture could become a foundation for establishing the concepts of education, leadership and social principles? What kind of spirituality should people adopt to truly transform the Earth into a planet of light?

Here are the answers: we can find the Path to Victory by using the power of thought.



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