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Into the Storm of International Politics : The New Standards of the World Order, Ryuho Okawa, English

Into the Storm of International Politics : The New Standards of the World Order, Ryuho Okawa, English

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In September 2013, President Obama stated, "We should not be the world's policeman." As signified by those words, America has been declining and the world order is being lost. In the Middle East, Islamic State declared independence in June 2014. Furthermore, in Hong Kong, the Umbrella Revolution - a movement against China's anti-democratic, single-party dictatorship - broke out in September 2014.

At the roots of these three movements lie three different sets of values. America's decline indicates Christian civilization not having clear standards on what justice is in this complex world of the current era. The problem with Islamic State is that a portion of Muslims in the current era have lost the spirit of peace and tolerance that Muhammad taught. Totalitarianism of China is founded upon materialism, a thought which denies human dignity and freedom of the individual. The world is now seeking a new idea or a new philosophy that will show the countries with such values the direction they should head in.

Master Ryuho Okawa is an author of over 1,700 books and spiritual leader with passionate followers in over 100 countries around the world. In this book, Okawa presents new standards of the world order while giving his own analysis on world affairs concerning the U.S., China, Islamic State and others. He does so based on his deep knowledge in world history, world philosophy and world religions as well as his experience in the international trade industry, and also based on his spiritual insight into the hidden consciousness of major countries' leaders in the current era. In Into the Storm of International Politics, Okawa states:

Some kind of new standard or direction that the world should take needs to be clearly defined. This new direction has to be a moral philosophy to create a new world order and that moral philosophy must include economic principles. Accordingly, it must be a moral philosophy that stimulates global economic growth under the perspective of world justice.



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