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Introduction to Top Executive Management : Turn Every Opportunity Into Success, Ryuho Okawa, English

Introduction to Top Executive Management : Turn Every Opportunity Into Success, Ryuho Okawa, English

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Ryuho Okawa started Happy Science in 1986, by himself and with very little capital. This was when he was just 30 years old. Now, 30 years later, Happy Science has grown into a massive group with more than 12 million members in over 100 countries; it includes schools, a university, a political party and various media-related projects.

Since Happy Science is a religion in the current age, it affirms the idea of economic prosperity as long as it helps to create many happy people. Happy Science considers success in business management as a very important idea and thus holds many seminars related to management. Introduction to Top Executive Management is a book based on Master Okawa's experience in developing Happy Science to the current size and his extensive research on business administration; the content of this book was originally disclosed in a seminar for Happy Science members who were business owners.

A top executive should overcome his greed to benefit himself and instead have a highly respectable management philosophy. A top executive should have a strict attitude to transform himself in order to make this happen. Master Okawa, religious leader and the author of the book, puts emphasis on these points. An essential factor for an organization, especially for the top executive, is to make innovations that will make a breakthrough in business.

Introduction to Top Executive Management is a one-of-a-kind management textbook that provides you with management knowledge and teaches you a great mindset that has a close connection to the state of non-ego in Buddhism. It is a book to help top executives and top executives-to-be, who are under harsh economic conditions and who are in both commercial and non-profit organizations, turn every opportunity into success.



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