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Love Surpasses Hatred, Ryuho Okawa, Chinese Traditional

Love Surpasses Hatred, Ryuho Okawa, Chinese Traditional

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Love Surpasses Hatred


To defend Taiwan's freedom and achieve democratization of China.

The lecture in Taiwan, fullfiled in March 3 2019, triggering a letter from Mr. Lee Teng-hui is now available in book!
This is the latest message that points the future of Taiwan in the Midst of the Looming Military Threat from China.

The book also includes a lecture in Nagoya on February 11, "Mao Tse-tung's Spiritual Message," in which Master Okawa extolled the errors of communism.

Which is more legitimate, Taiwan or China? 
The truth of history is that the Republic of China (ROC) lost its land to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Japan should restore diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

Japan should be shameful for cutting off diplomatic relations with Taiwan, watching for China's face.

To be a bridge between Japan and Taiwan, Taiwan and China,
spread "freedom, democracy, and faith" in Taiwan to mainland China!

The right theory on the "China-Taiwan problem" that no one has ever said before is in this book.



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