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Book, The Unknown Stigma 3 <The Universe>, Ryuho Okawa, French

Book, The Unknown Stigma 3 <The Universe>, Ryuho Okawa, French

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An astonishing sequel to the first two installments of The Unknown Stigma 1 (The Mystery) and 2 (The Resurrection) by Ryuho Okawa, the internationally renowned prolific author of over 3,000 titles on religious truth, personal growth, political philosophy, and economic prosperity.

The protagonist, Agnes, journeys through the universe and encounters a mystical world unknown to humankind by accompanying a figure identified as her “Father”. Discover what awaits Agnes beyond this mysterious world.

The story develops into a revelation of the secrets of the cosmos, including the criteria for universal justice. Also revealed is the hidden cause behind the chaos that struck Earth's Seventh Civilization, which has infiltrated many spheres of society, including some world religions.

The Laws of the Universe are about to begin. By reading this novel, you will journey to the unknown world, navigating beyond the mystical veil through the eyes of Agnes.



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