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With Savior Messages from Space Being Yaidron, Ryuho Okawa, French

With Savior Messages from Space Being Yaidron, Ryuho Okawa, French

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With Savior

Messages from Space Being Yaidron

Humanity is amidst a myriad of unprecedented crises: coronavirus pandemic, swarm of locusts, extreme weather, chaos, and confusion brought through the hegemonism and human rights suppression by totalitarian China. Why are these events occurring today? Perhaps, God is warning us to reconsider our materialistic and arrogant ways? Fortunately, God has sent a modern Savior to teach humanity to repent and choose rightly. In With Savior: Messages from Space Being Yaidron, a space being reveals all these facts through warnings and messages of hope.

U.S. President Trump publicly admitted to the existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs earlier this year. The U.S. and Russia work with extragalactic representatives who are clandestinely behind-the-scenes in terms of military affairs; however, good-natured beings are also cooperating with the God of the Earth and watching over humanity. These beings are trying to awaken us and are ready to intervene if needed. The task at hand is to accept the truth of God, aliens, and the Savior. We hope that you will join the Savior of this age and work together in our salvation movement, which is the light of hope for all people.



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