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The Laws of Bronze

Love One Another, Become One People

The Laws of Bronze: Love One Another, Become One People is the 25th volume of Ryuho Okawa's renowned Laws Series. This entry underscores the potency of spiritual faith as the purest salve to mend societal divides.

Comprised of five lectures that Ryuho Okawa gave in 2017 and 2018, the interwoven theme defends the preservation of faith in the age of technological superiority and exposits that individuals, from all walks of life, can overcome differences through a sincere practice of faith. When we discover our common spiritual origin revealed herein, we will unite as one people, bound by mutual love and appreciation.

Additional themes explored in this text:

  • The virtue of living by spiritual values at the cost of self-sacrifice
  • Finding balance between faith and work
  • The significance of preserving freedom, democracy and faith
  • Create harmony in personal relationships through love

The Law Series, Religion & Spirituality
IRH Press (March 15, 2019)
ISBN 10: 194212550X
ISBN 13: 978-1942125501
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